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8TB All Anime Dump -
Updated October 2018: You are still free to purchase this product, orders are shipped within a week of payment received..

Get all of the Anime from the site after it has gone read only Will contain partial series.

This option will give you all episodes and movies on the site, regardless of size or type totaling well over 6TB.

There is no warranty for the enclosure, the hard drive will come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty against DOA. All setups are tested prior to packing to ensure usability upon delivery.

$350.00 USD bir dəfəlik
Monthly PLEX access - Access all of the existing and new content.

Seasonal series are added as they come out and updated as soon as released.

If there is something missing or something you want, just ask! Farewell 3.5" HDD Enclosure (21 Mövcuddur) - As the title depicts, the Farewell 3.5" HDD Enclosure is just that, an enclosure with the special farewell branding.

The enclosure is an aluminum case with an enclosed fan to pull as much heat away from the hard drive as possible.

The price includes shipping to the continental USA, if you are an international customer, please bear in mind that we will have to quote extra for shipping after the sale.

Find a picture of the enclosure with the branding here:

$60.00 USD bir dəfəlik Aztec Spooner Mug (10 Mövcuddur) - Priced to sell (really, we don't want these around anymore, so buy them!!)

Typical mugs are shipped in 4x4x4 inch boxes, are normally 8 dollars on the store.

We are selling them at 4 dollars a piece.

NOTE: Please do not pay the invoice, we need to ensure that shipping is covered and this medium does not have shipping embedded. Thank you!

$4.00 USD bir dəfəlik Farewall Box (9 Mövcuddur) - Get a piece of before she shuts down forever. North American customers, for 30 dollars get a USPS medium ship box with the following.

- 2x Aztec Spooner Mugs

- 2x Chopsticks

- 2x Notebooks

Note: If you live outside of the US, you will be invoiced the cost to ship to you minus 15 dollars.

$30.00 USD bir dəfəlik Poker Size Playing Cards (35 Mövcuddur) - These cards are high quality, honestly better than some of your higher end playing cards so make us an offer and get them off our hands! Check out this link for full details on the playing cards.

NOTE: Please do NOT pay the invoice right away, we will need to make adjustments for shipping to ensure we come up as even as possible, thank you in advance!

$4.00 USD bir dəfəlik
Post Shutdown Download Rights - Once the site is shutdown the video server will be kept online with a 1gbit connection. Each 50 dollars will go towards paying for the server to stay online for the next month, it's anticipated to cost $100 dollars per month to keep the server online.

Please bear in mind that this will be a super basic web interface along with FTP access to download files.

$50.00 USD bir dəfəlik

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