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Hopefully you have already downloaded the source. If not, you can find it here: After you have downloaded that, fire up your favorite ftp client and upload it to the root directory of your shell. You could also get the source by using lynx or wget. Example wget command:


The next step is to decompress this file (.tar.gz is kinda like a .zip file for all you windoze ppl out there). To do this, type:

tar zxvf psyBNC2.3.2-5.tar.gz

Notice that it's case-sensitive. Everything in unix is case-sensitive. Keep that in mind for everything in the future.

If you typed the correctly, you should have a psybnc directory on your shell. Change to it and see what you have!

cd psybnc
ls -al

Now, this next part is where it gets a bit harder. psyBNC includes a GUI for configuring the bnc. However, this requires ncurses to be installed on your shell, something a bunch of shells do not have. In my experience, most flavors of linux have it installed, but some others don't. So, give it a whirl. Type:

make menuconfig

If you get a GUI, congrats: the configuring process is much easier. If not, well, welcome to my world ;) With menuconfig, the GUI is very easy to follow: obviously an [X] denotes that the option is selected, while [ ] indicates it's not.

For all those stuck doing it by hand, after each option I explain how to set it. For all the compiling options, everything is placed in the file config.h, which is found in the psybnc directory. Just open that file with your favorite editor on the shell (I use and recommend pico - You can edit the file by typing:

pico config.h

In this file, if you want something added, it has to be defined. Example: #define INTNET adds support for the internal network.

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