The-IRC Hosting Solutions

  • Speed. Location.

    Most companies don't utilize proper DNS. We change the way to think about DNS Hosting. Maximize your worldwide presence with our services. Our plans are affordable and straight forward. Get what you want out of your DNS Host and we are here to provide.

  • Chat Realtime, Worldwide.

    Harness the POWER of Internet Relay Chat. Converse with friends, co-workers, family, or form social communities. IRCd servers are no longer for the technical savvy; we can setup your server and services today!

  • Shared, Semi-Dedicated

    We have taken the hard work out of Web Hosting and you are safe from server congestion. Most companies pack you in to maximize profits. When you purchase space from The-IRC, you own that space, and that space is guaranteed!

  • always on tap.

    What makes a company great is more about how they supply the product. The-IRC prides itself on commitment to quality and client support. Don't just take our word for it continue reading to see what our clients are saying about us!



Web hosting shouldn't be expensive, you also shouldn't be lined up like sardines and packed into slow, inefficient servers. The-IRC Changes the way you think about Web Hosting.

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So your website gets more than the average web site, your looking for a more robust more personal approach, think.. Dedicated.

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Delivered on Rock solid fBSD servers, know your IRCd/Shell will stay online for your users when you need it. Throw downtime to the wind.

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dns hosting

When your website needs the fastest lookups and response time. Pro. DNS Hosting by The-IRC allows your website to be globally connected.

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